The Village of Siren is committed to promote job growth, capital investment and economic development by encouraging start up and growth of businesses.
The Village of Siren is located within a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone).  The Small Business Administration administers the HUBZone Program.  This program encourages small businesses to locate in and hire employees from economically disadvantaged areas of the United States.  Small firms participating in the program can receive competitive advantages in winning federal contracts.  For more information please visit
Village staff are available to answer zoning, land use and local services questions.  Please call 715-349-2273 or e-mail for assistance.
The Siren Chamber of Commerce welcomes new businesses to our area and provides resources to support existing & new businesses in the Siren community.  Please contact the Siren Chamber of Commerce by calling 715-349-8399 or emailing

In 2019, the Siren area secured a Community Development Block Grant - Planning Grant to develop project plans for our area. As of June 2020, all three phases of this grant have been completed: 'Current Plan Analysis,' 'Engagement Report,' and 'Project Goals/Action Plans' are now available. We thank all who provided input throughout this process [delete balance of this sentence]. A July 9th public hearing is scheduled at 2 pm, Siren Village Hall, to receive final comments/input. These reports can be reviewed in detail by clicking on the following links:

Current Analysis

Engagement Report

Project Goals/Action Plans

Commercial Development.
There are no impact, utility service availability or development review fees charged by the Village.

The Village operates TIF District No. 2, which covers large parts of the Highway commercial area in the Village.  TIF assistance is available to address the public infrastructure needs of new development that fit with planning guidelines.

Industrial Development.
The Village of Siren industrial park, on the south side of Hwy 70 at the west side of the Village, has lots with utilities available.  Lot prices are low and structured according to the number of jobs to be created.