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The Village of Siren is proud to be supported by the following groups as resources to all of our community residents.



Arts Burnett County715-349-8399
Burnett Area Arts Group (B.A.A.G.) 715-349-8448
Burnett County Adult Day Services 715-349-5250
Burnett County UW Extension 715-349-2151
Burnett County Family Resource Center, Inc. 715-349-2922
Burnett County Historical Society/Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park 715-866-8890
Burnett Youth Hockey Assn/Lodge Center Arena
Community Referral Agency, Inc./Burnett County Outreach Office 715-349-7272
Diversified Services, Inc 715-349-5724
Humane Society of Burnett County 715-866-4096
Interfaith Caregivers of Burnett County 715-866-4970/715-656-7051
Masons - New Leader; Bill to pass on info 715-349-8021
Moms for Kids 715-349-7287
Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) 715-349-5380
Relay for Life 715-339-6210
Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin, Inc., 715-349-2117
Ruby's Pantry - Food Shelf 715-349-7829
Ruby's Pantry - Second Hand Boutique 715-349-7253
Salvation Army 715-349-8744
Siren Ball Park 715-349-2747
Siren Fire Department (Non-Emergency) 715-349-2466
Siren Senior Community Center, Inc 715-349-7810
Syren Area Garden Club 715-653-4242
Veterans Service Office 715-349-2179
VFW 715-349-8087
Volunteer Transportation 715-349-2557
Wild Rivers Habitat for Humanity 715-472-6080
WIC (Women, Infants, Children) 715-349-2141
Wood Creek 4-H Club 715-349-2844